ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ TikTok Free Analytics Report-TikRank

With the rise of the live broadcast industry, more and more people have joined in and become “net influencer”. A quality influencer has both rich and interesting content and a large number of fans. Brands are also seeing marketing opportunities among them. Just like the star economy, every influencer is a star.

TikRank focuses on influencers analysis of platform like TikTok, and provides a free analysis report for ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ. In this report, TikRank analyzed the current situation of the ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ from different dimensions, and checked the changes of fans.

1.ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ TikTok basic information

Joined TikTok on:2018-04-14 00:14:55

Area: RU

Posts: 343

Fans: 464.32K

Following: 31

Total Views: 87.43M

2.Check ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ profile stats

Influencer has several key indicators, number of fans, ranking, potential value, etc. Brands need to find the most suitable influencer, and may also pay attention to the tag content, which determines whether the content produced by influencer is consistent with the brand. TikRank provides everything you want to know.

ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ global ranking is 8042

RU ranking is 230
The higher the ranking, the more the influencer’s audience, the greater the popularity.

ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ published 343 in the last 30 days and 
video downloads are 66.72K.

ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ video tags:%foryou, %foryoupage, %duet

ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ potential earning: 1285335

Conclusion: According to the proportion of the number of fans in different countries, brands should adjust their marketing strategies according to the cultural differences between countries in order to produce the best results.

3.Track and analyze ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ unfollowers and follower

The larger the number of fans, the greater the popularity of the influencer. A small move may bring about a reduction in the number of fans. What we can do is find the change in the number of fans in time and try to increase it instead of letting it decrease.

TikRank counts the followers of each TikTok account over time. Especially for followers and following, you can clearly see the increase and decrease of the trend through the line chart. When the number of followers drops sharply, you should pay attention to whether it is a content issue or negative news from influencer

4.ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ content analysis

Average interaction of the last 30 uploaded video it reflects the recent performance of influencer’s production content, and timely adjustment of the content according to the situation of the data will help increase the number of fans.

There are several main indicators:

  • Views/Fans: 188.2861
  • Likes/Views: 0.1359
  • Comments/Views: 0.0007
  • Share/Views: 0.0011

These indicators reflect how the audience rate of content generated by influencer is performing. Good content will not only be viewed very high, but also the user’s engagement rate will be good. Such content is favored by brands.
Not only that, TikRank has also calculated the most popular videos of influencer, which can be viewed by clicking on the links ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ. It is necessary to imitate and copy excellent content as a shortcut to success.

In conclusion: The above is a free ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ TikTok analysis and inspection report. TikRank not only provides basic information of influencer, analyzes the demographic information of followers, but also analyzes the content generated by influencer. It can also calculate engagement rates and find mentioned influencers. Through the above data, you can have a clear understanding of the current development of ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ. ТЫ МНЕ НРАВИШЬСЯ can adjust its operating strategy based on this report and get more followers’ attention.