TikRank:Why do you have fewer fans than others?

By January 2020, TikTok’s total user base had reached 1.5 billion, making it the most downloaded app in February 2020. If you’re a content provider in tiktok, your video sits likely to be seen by nearly 300 million people. This is a very large number. And once there are a large number of fans, you can through different means of cashing in, such as advertising, selling goods and so on. So how to get more traffic is the key to getting more revenue, and here’s how I’ll help you get fans faster through the following areas.

1.Video style

The first step is video style. Because being someone else will collapse, being yourself is the most durable and safe. Video style needs to pay attention to two points, one is the content output, one is the realization path.

Content output needs to find a point you’re good at, and continue to produce content. It is recommended to do vertical subdivision of the field, do not make a mess. Nothing is focused, and it’s hard for others to build awareness of you. You’ll find that some accounts are caught up in the incident, but the follow-up content can’t keep up, other content data is hard to see.

2.Tiktok mechanism

The second step for Tiktok fans is to familiarize yourself with the platform mechanism. The underlying logic of each platform is different and particularly complex. You’ll find that Ins looks a lot like Tiktok, but it’s a big difference. Tiktok’s recommendation mechanism is central, push-flow star. That means the more fans there are, the more comments the more the accounts will send videos that will be seen by more people.

Tiktok specializes in algorithms, people’s unions are partly involved, and rely more on big data models for recommendations.Key indicators that affect the algorithm such as: forwarding, comments, likes, finish rate, duration of stay, stay trajectory, account activity, number of fans and so on.

Then I’ll send an article devoted to Tiktok’s algorithmic mechanism in Tikrank.

3.Content output

Ensuring continuous content output is the process of overcoming our laziness, so it’s important to say what you’re good at, so you don’t feel tired, especially before you don’t have a lot of fans. The second is to analyze the popular videos, which can be summarized with some methodology.

Or You can use some analysis tools,such as Tikrank: https://tikrank.com/

People are most afraid of ordinary. In general, people with more fans are talented or beautiful, but there are also ugly ones. There are so many talented people that fans can only remember those with characteristics.

Both have similar fans

The video to be able to impress people, most people in the outside struggle is hard and lonely, video copy and music need touch people’ hearts, hit everyone a point. For example, in this epidemic, we can make some videos to persuade people to stay at home.

Of course, if your editing technology can produce many special effects and unexpected effects, it can also be attractive。

If you can do the above, you will have a qualitative leap in the number of fans!